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Admiralty / Wan Chaiclose

Admiralty/Wan Chai is mainly located on reclaimed land formed through various phases of reclamation on the northern side of Hong Kong Island. The area has evolved into a major business district and plays an important role as an exhibition and commercial hub. The new railway line (Shatin-Central Link (SCL)) will greatly enhance the accessibility of this area. With the forthcoming completion of the reclamation and associated transport infrastructure works, we are preparing to receive the New Wan Chai North Harbourfront, and connections with the hinterland is being carefully designed.

Wan Chai is currently served by Wan Chai Station of the MTR Island Line. There are limited existing underground spaces which are mainly basements of developments in the vicinity of the MTR station functioning as carparks. The basement theatre at the Hong Kong Arts Centre can be accessed by the public. Unlike Tsim Sha Tsui and Causeway Bay, the pedestrian connection in this area mainly relies on the elevated walkway system leading from the MTR station to the waterfront, such as the O'Brien Road Footbridge. To better serve the Wan Chai North area, the potential development opportunity brought by the proposed NIL should be taken into account in evaluating the existing underground context.

Proposed entrance/ exitpark surface